Karlhto is a rapper and a record producer originally from Chalkída, Greece. He has millions of plays on multiple digital streaming platforms. Athanasios Karlis was born in Athens, Greece in 10/26/1992. He grew up in Chalkída and he finished high school there. Later on he and his family moved to Ohio, USA. Thano is making music and videos on the internet. The nickname "Karlhto" comes from his last name. His last name is Karlis which in Greek instead of an i we put an h on his last name. In middle school they used to call him Karlito the mafia guy from the Al Pacino movie which he plays the character named Carlito Brigante. My Podcast "The Fear Of Failure" is available on Spotify etc. Also I have a Greek Podcast "O Tropos Tou Karlhto" out there etc. My music is available for you to make YouTube Shorts, Tik Tok Vids, Facebook/ IG Reels, Snapchat Stories Spotlight etc. You can also stream it on the streaming platforms.