SelfMade EST has proved throughout his career giving up is not a option alone with his saying success has no destination. As a artist with ASCAP author composer publisher arranger and producer I plan on farther my career to its heights. As a growing upcoming artist interacting is my number one goal far as fans I think they are the real MVP considering my music career rising to its peak. I’m honored and believe hard work and dedication is the key to success.I gained a lot of radio play in Las Vegas with the help of Tyrone Gibson who’s brother is superstar Tyrese Gibson. Later on it gained a overseas fanbase. No Filter began to be up on Time Square Billboard in New York City alone with a big interview and performance in Knoxville,Tn with host Kelvin Fox No Filter also hit #19 to #1 etunes Uk charts with the help.As of January of 2021 Project Kidd hit Time Square Billboard in New York, Ny. SelfMade Est has not stop hes also launched his Picture Perfect Clothing Line also doing more shows in places like Atlanta, Dallas,Tx and many more. Following up as of 2022 he has released more singles and charted #1 in the Virgin Islands top 10 selecta charts 2 weeks in a row with his new afro beat song would you. SelfMade Est has proven giving up is not an option.