Deeiah Hayes Shines In New Gospel Debut Single Never Been The Same



Gospel music is something that’s immensely powerful and moving for many people – but it’s a music style that’s all too often overlooked by the modern community. However, the exceptionally talented Deeiah Hayes is helping make a change in this regard, transforming the music scene and creating strong, bold, and inspiring music that’s helping many people find their own energy and optimism.

Deeiah Hayes is a strong believer in the ability of music to inspire others and help people feel more optimistic, and this comes through clearly in her music, which is further heightened by her incredible sense of conviction overall. It’s hard not to be moved by her passionate renditions and performances, and as a result, it’s not overly surprising that so many people feel awed by her work.

Of course, Deeiah Hayes’ music is incredibly unique, and this ties in with her own life experiences and inspirations. Before her carer as a music artist, Deeiah Hayes worked across multiple fields, all of which feel unique and remarkably distinct. Her time as a real estate agent, substance abuse counsellor, grant coordinator, and more has truly helped make her one of the most skilled and diverse women of our time, allowing her to turn her hand to anything.

We absolutely love Deeiah Hayes’ soulful music, and we strongly believe she’ll continue to grow and make a big impact on the music scene. As such, we wish her all the best, and we can’t wait to see where she’ll go from here!