Funky Aztecs Stage a Remarkable Comeback with Their Iconic Album 'Chicano Blues'

The Funky Aztecs, groundbreaking figures in the rap and hip-hop scene, originated in Vallejo, California, back in 1989. The original lineup consisted of Merciless, also known as Merc100Man; Sapo Loco, alternatively known as Suga Ray; and Indio, also referred to as Oh Mighty Ric. Their inaugural album, "Chicano Blues," saw impressive sales of over 400,000 copies and boasted collaborations with illustrious names like Tupac Shakur, Digital Underground (featuring Shock-G and Money-B), Pee-Wee of Dangerous Music, TMD, and several others. In 1997, Sapo Loco exited the group to focus on a solo career. That same year, Juego (originally known as the Game) and Mainey Mo joined the ensemble. With three albums to their name — "Chicano Blues" (1992), "Day of the Dead" (1995), and "Addicted" (1998) — the group has been a pioneer in the Chicano rap movement, working with renowned artists and producers along their journey.

The Funky Aztecs are poised for a significant resurgence in the music realm by reissuing their landmark debut album, "Chicano Blues." The album features celebrated rap artists like Tupac Shakur, Pee-Wee from Dangerous Music, TMD, among others. As they ready themselves for the release of new music, the group is set to make waves once again in the global music landscape.