Dior Carter Emerges as the Vanguard of Bay Area's Music Scene


Dior Carter, a native Bay Area artist, is making waves in the music industry with his groundbreaking Bay Sound that has taken the airwaves by storm. Through his music, Carter aims to move his audience and spark inspiration, motivation, and contemplation. Listeners find a deep connection with him as they delve into his mindset, sharing the same vision and world-view.

His latest music has garnered attention from fans across the U.S. and around the globe, establishing him as a standout artist known for his dynamic chill vibe and swag on the beat. Dior Carter is undeniably a name that demands attention.

Striving to be a better version of himself, Carter communicates this journey through his recently released EP, "New Life," in March 2023. Already recognized for his chill sound, the seven new tracks on "New Life" demonstrate an elevation in his musical prowess, showcasing an even more refined and captivating sound.

Within this EP, Carter brings attention to two enticing singles. "What You On" explores the intricacies of a physical relationship between a rapper and a woman seeking to "vibe and chill out." The track delves into the man's desire for more than just a physical connection, questioning what else the woman can bring to the table beyond superficial aspects.

Dior Carter encourages audiences to remember his name, emphasizing that he is not an artist confined to trends, styles, or genres. Instead, Dior Carter is a name associated with evolution—evolution not only in his sound but also in his artistic expression. "I could do anything," states Carter. "I'm not limited to one sound."