Elevating the Industry: Think Schilling Collaborates with S-DOT to Unleash Chart-Topping Single 'HITTA


In the realm of music, some view it as a mere profession, but for the exceptionally talented Think Schilling, it transcends career boundaries – it's a profound passion and a lifestyle. Think Schilling envisions inspiring others through his musical endeavors, evident in the fervor and dedication he invests in every single track.

Born Brian C. Schilling, Think Schilling takes pride in supporting various causes, using his role as a music artist as a platform to contribute to them. Acknowledged as an awarded humanitarian, he passionately advocates for human rights and the significance of mental health. Through his work, he aims to empower individuals to discover their self-confidence and inner strength, leaving a substantial impact not only within the music domain but also beyond.

Following the triumphs of his previous hits like "Dance Flow" featuring Sean Kingston, "New Drip" with Lil Wayne, and "No Rush" with Snoop, Think Schilling consistently seeks innovative ways to share his positivity and passion with his audience. His latest release, the highly anticipated hit single "HITTA" featuring S-DOT, has garnered acclaim on streaming platforms and in clubs. The bold, new sound has captivated listeners, and with confidence, we predict a continued surge in success for Think Schilling's musical journey