Keywee's Latest Release "Stand Out" Shines Bright in the Music Scene





Keywee, the vibrant artist, has recently introduced his newest single titled "Stand Out," produced by 7Gate Record. The independent recording label, established by Wolf and Jojo in June 2016, eagerly anticipates the current release and foresees additional collaborative endeavors with Keywee on the horizon. Emerging swiftly in the music scene, Keywee, also known as Damian Morgan, hails from Colleyville, Manchester. A graduate of Christiana High School, he embarked on a journey into the music industry with aspirations of clinching a Grammy.

Endowed with the nickname "Quello Boss" by close friends, Keywee believes he possesses the keys to unlock the doors to musical stardom. His music has been creating ripples among new listeners, transforming him into an internet sensation. 7Gate Record, dedicated to supporting young and talented artists, takes pride in being a part of Keywee's journey, aiming to assist him in realizing his dreams within the music industry. Keywee, propelled by the motto "Music over crime," aims to positively influence the youth. Encouraging aspiring musicians to breathe life into their fantasies, he desires his music to serve as an inspiration for others to uncover and share their hidden talents with the world.

The latest single, "Stand Out," exhibits Keywee's unique and lively style, a testament to the fruitful collaboration with 7Gate Record. The production company expresses enthusiasm for upcoming projects and remains committed to consistently delivering high-quality music. Since aligning forces with 7Gate Record, Keywee has garnered favorable reviews and is steadfast in his determination to continue crafting impactful songs that resonate with the younger generation.