Breaking Boundaries: 780.MASOCHIST Unveils Groundbreaking Single 'Griefscape'



Emerging from Pakistan and now making waves in Canada, 780.MASOCHIST is a trailblazing figure in the hip-hop realm, notable for being the first Pakistani contender in the 2019 Canoe World Championships. Despite growing up in a suburban environment, his upbringing was a melting pot of encounters with intellectuals, streetwise figures, and athletes, fostering a rich understanding of humanity. A pivotal moment at the age of 19, marked by tragedy and brushes with death, catalyzed his pursuit of opportunities, reshaping his life's trajectory.

Fueled by a passion for an eclectic mix of hip-hop genres such as R&B, Boom Bap, and Nu-Metal, 780.MASOCHIST consistently delivers dynamic compositions that defy conventional expectations. Drawing inspiration from artists like AP Dhillon, Nelly Furtado, and XXXTENTACION, he earned recognition from South Florida luminary DJ Epps. After a hiatus, he is poised to unveil collaborations with industry titans including Rick Ross, Eem Triplin, and Hoodrixh.

Beyond his musical endeavors, 780.MASOCHIST is committed to infusing empathy back into the industry. Leveraging his platform, he aims to support initiatives benefiting marginalized communities, particularly those of Black and Brown backgrounds. His socially conscious music addresses issues ranging from conflicts in Pakistan to societal struggles, blending artistic allure with insightful commentary. With a devoted following on Spotify and accolades from esteemed publications, he is leaving an indelible imprint on the music landscape.