Swiss artist Health Potion just released his latest album “Experiment 4”. And what an experiment it is! A unique musical journey into different styles from the soulful Lo-Fi study beat we learned to love, to trendy hip-hop melodies up to more complex jazzy tracks! It’s definitely worth giving it a try and enjoy!

Health Potion is a Switzerland based artist with Czech origins, whose father was writing lyrics for popular songs in Czechoslovakia in the late 1950’s. Being influenced by the music of his youth and the technical imperfections of records from that era, Health Potion found his style in the current trend of Lo-Fi music. Having an affinity for electronical music since the early days of its existence, he taught himself recently to use modern technology to create soft and soulful electronic tracks. As a professional project manager and coach, Health Potion values the human nature and is aware of today’s struggles and high levels of stress. His music helps to relax, meditate and find your peace in every day’s life – simply healing your soul.