Invincible and incredibly talented, the precise words to illustrate the artist whose music and harmony raps will prevail through your disposition as you venture to listen to his musical tracks. Yep, we are discussing none other than the impending surging artist “Raylon” whose addictive hip-hop symphonies and melodic conformity raps are paving his way through the music industry. 

But What gives his music a distinctive color? An exceptional choice of a question you have there but when discussing this talent there is no exception of reasoning. Why? Let me fill you up on that. Raylon is an emerging hip-hopper from Texas with an intense influence of R&B who is prepared to kick start in the music industry with his undeniable charms conveyed through his songs. Through his debut single “Over You", he clearly enlightened that he’s not here to play games. Conveying a bucket full of emotions with lyrics initiating on adoring somebody and be willing to die for them as a journey starting at forever and ending at never. Raylon set the bar to the prime and got recognition and admiration by a number of listeners around the globe. 

“You know that I'll ride for 

I know that I'll die for you” 

Harmonic raps to be hyped about? Indeed, you read right! Rather than just pursuing R&B, Raylon has captured the melodious songs with beats in rhythmic commencement along with the essence of lit raps and hip-hop harmonies luring listeners around the globe in a permissible delight. Starting with his first song “Be There For Me”, a unique rap with repetitious BGM he clarified the genuine lyrics of the harsh reality of life and people turning away when one’s under the cloud 

Had a rough day? Been busy at work and need to chill? We’ve got the prefect solution. Your head leaned against a bed, a cup of coffee and Raylon’s songs. What a perfect combo to help you forget the exhausting day. Just relax, enjoy your coffee and let your body groove on the lit songs like “Liquor” and “Trust Issues” permitting the fire rap brighten your mood and make you worries long gone. 

A playlist with Raylon’s songs. Seems like a bliss in heaven. With the addition of new songs like “Like That” and “One More Time” featuring the skillful Marmar Oso, your playlist is complete and is ready to roll on the day whether it is a road trip with your cherished one or a travel alone on the bus with earphones plugged in and losing yourself to the symphony. Furthermore, We cannot forget the newest track “Liquor” right? The newest song by Raylon, nothing but a universal phenomenon with an overflowing rap and hip-hop rhythms alluring you into a dream-like reality. 

Such a gifted artist is coming your way. Join him on his venture in the musical journey. So, hurry up and go listen to Raylon’s tracks and melodic R&B and stream the new track “liquor” while expressing love and support and begin the indoor festival with Raylon.