You know that awkward feeling when you think you don’t like a musical genre, then you start listening to a song and find you can’t stop hitting the repeat button? Yeah, that’s pretty much how I felt the first time listening to the Triangle Clique’s “Chiwanna”. 

In the past, Triangle Clique has sone with tracks like “Datz Da Way”. The track is an in-your-face hip hop type that has some obvious old school vibes from the genre’s golden years. It’s got spunk and it makes you, the listener, feel like you’re on top of the world and owning it. It’s the type of song that pushes you to feel stronger and embrace who you are, be unapologetic about your style and everything else about you. And there’s no way a song like that can fail, right? 

But the Triangle Clique is a trio of great duality. Just when you think you’ve sussed out their type of music, they hit you with another beat completely, another rhythm and completely different lyrics. That’s what truly sets them apart as one of the most versatile and diverse bands of 2020. 

“Shooting Her Vein” is a moody, low piece, that’s equally memorable and catchy, but in a very different way from “Datz Da Way”. It tells the story of a woman who loses her head to drugs and the life that ensues. As far as rhythm goes, it skillfully brings together Latino and hip hop elements, crafting  its own unique genre. 

And more recently, there’s “Chiwanna”, which just makes you wanna dance. Its beat is far more punchy than that of “Shooting Her Vein”. It has you more concerned with shaking your bones, rather than posing complex life questions, but it’s still an excellent, killer tune that is sure to become a big club favorite in the near future. 

“Chiwanna”’s got all the spunkiness you want from a dance tune – it’s fiery and smooth, and not only makes you move your body, but it gets you dancing with style.