RowStacks Unveils Powerful New Track "Wear Me Down"


Previously recognized as MellyRow Stackz, RowStacks is a renowned hip-hop artist hailing from New York with the birth name Jamaal M. Kennedy. From an early age, he displayed a keen interest in music, penning songs by the age of ten and venturing into recordings in his teenage years. His older brother, Sig Smoo, a member of the iconic hip-hop ensemble The Hoodz (currently identified as K Davis the Hitman), played an instrumental role in inspiring RowStacks to chase a professional music career. This journey began with a significant signing to the indie label, Cee-Lo Records.

During his tenure with Cee-Lo Records, RowStacks notched up impressive accomplishments, including performing alongside rap icons such as Ja Rule and Method Man and the renowned R&B ensemble, So for Real. However, personal tribulations slowed down his musical journey, leading to his departure from the label. In the interim period, RowStacks recalibrated, eventually partnering with Woodz Ground Entertainment. Committed to refining his artistry, he collaborated with producer Marko, resulting in a mixtape that propelled his career forward.

Now, RowStacks is set to leave a significant imprint with his newest track, "Wear Me Down." This potent song highlights critical societal challenges, including gun violence, substance abuse, bullying, and homelessness. The evocative lyrics and profound message of "Wear Me Down" resonate with a broad spectrum of audiences, encouraging them to rally for transformative change.

The essence of "Wear Me Down" emphasizes solidarity and comprehension. RowStacks adeptly highlights the hardships countless individuals and families undergo, shining a spotlight on subjects like firearm-related violence, the drug epidemic, and lack of shelter. His poignant verses serve as a reflection of societal issues that require collective action. Furthermore, the song delves deep into the adverse effects of bullying, shedding light on its emotional aftermath. RowStacks ardently underscores the need for compassion, understanding, and the pivotal role of countering bullying, pushing for a harmonious global community.