Vision Joins Forces with Snoop Dogg to Drop Remix Masterpiece 'Fallin In Your Eyes'


In numerous instances, the desire to be seen for one's true self is a prevalent theme. However, Vision, the immensely talented artist, seeks more than mere visibility – he yearns to be heard. Through his work, he aims to make a resounding, courageous impact, exemplifying true self-respect and a profound connection with the world.

Available on Spotify, his latest single, 'Fallin In Your Eyes - Remix,' is a result of a collaboration with the legendary West Coast Grammy-Nominated Rapper, Snoop Dogg. Vision's achievements are a testament to his talent and dedication. Currently, he is in the process of producing more releases with Snoop Dogg and Spotify's most-streamed artist, The Weeknd, poised to dominate the airwaves in the coming years.

A defining aspect of Vision's artistry is his deep, authentic belief in the spirit world. While skepticism surrounds this realm for many, Vision views it as an intrinsic and meaningful facet of life, influencing his musical creations significantly.

Embracing the concept of reincarnation, Vision's strong conviction is rooted in the belief that he was once a Cheyenne warrior. His profound admiration for the Native American way of life, characterized by respect for nature and the spiritual world, serves as a central theme in his work.

Vision endeavors to merge the musical elements of his current life with those from past experiences, creating a charm and otherworldly allure seldom found in other genres. Anticipation is high for the performance of his remarkable single, 'Fallin In Your Eyes,' carrying powerful messages about fate and love, promising to deliver a bold and resonant statement.