One of the main difficulties as an androgynous musician is that people tend to focus far too much on your appearance, and far too little on your music, per se. However, this isn’t the case with US-based prodigy Ace the Fetus. Easily one of the most innovative and exciting voices of the 21st century, Ace the Fetus will make a striking first impression with his colorful, yet mystifying appearance. His eccentric clothing and loud make-up will put one in mind of acclaimed icons such as David Bowie or Elton John. 

But the look is just a small part of Ace the Fetus’s complex standing as an artist. Being largely self-taught, he is a powerfully unique and exciting musician. His sound is innovative and may seem strange, at first, but this will rapidly spiral into an obsession. Soon enough, you’ll be telling everyone you know about Ace the Fetus’s music. Like Bowie and John before him, Ace the Fetus isn’t merely a musician, but a performer. 

By creating a complex and compelling visual image around him, he’s strengthened his standing as an artist. His brand new release, entitled appropriately “Shuger”, will literally make your head explode. But in a good way. 

“Shuger” is one of the those wonderful tracks that you never know how to describe. Is it funk? Is it soul? Is it alternative rock? Or perhaps it’s all three. Regardless of the genre, one thing remains true about “Shuger” - its energy is infectious, and will get stuck in your head for a long time to come. 

Coupled with the killer music video, also highly influenced by the artist (who is majoring in animation), “Shuger” has the potential of being a hit. And no doubt, with the passage of time, it will become one of the tunes that cements Ace the Fetus’s career, and makes him into one of the icons of the 21st century. 

Don’t say we didn’t warn you, and get on the Ace the Fetus bandwagon ahead of time, by checking out “Shuger” on streaming platforms now!