“15 million of girls worldwide were victims of sexual violence, 

Only 1% of these girls did seek professional help.” 

Seems a strange way to begin a song review, yet it’s appropriate, when a song deals with such a delicate topic. The quote above is taken from a recent UNICEF report, and it appears on the screen right at the end of the music video for Nomina’s brand new track, “Fetish Daddy”. 

When you read it on its own, it just strikes you as a disturbing, depressing fact. But when you see it in context of Nomina’s video, you understand the situation a whole lot better. 

“Fetish Daddy” is a song that deals precisely with that – sexual violence, abuse, as well as sexual and emotional manipulation. Through the pretext of offering (mainly financial) safety, men prey on young, vulnerable women, whose sole desire is peace. 

The video showcases this extremely well by documenting the relationship between a successful businessman and the many women around him. Later on, we see this same man go to the beach with his girlfriend (whom he cheats on and abuses), where she meets another, kindly man. 

After the businessman begins shouting and manhandling the girl, he is chased off the beach by an angry mob, and the woman is left with this other man, who treats her with kindness and gentility. 

Nomina’s haunting voice has a vague esoteric feel to it, which allows it to sound both sentimental and strong. There is something undeniably beautiful in her way of being, in the careful wording of her lyrics, and indeed, in the slight lilt of joy with which she sings. 

I love this song because it proposes not only to raise awareness about such a delicate, difficult subject, but also to give strength. The overall happy (and slightly R&B) rhythm,  together with Nomina’s beautiful voice, manage to create a positive outlook on things, in spite of the severity of the situation. 

And together with the music video, which ends with the woman and this new man dancing on the beach, they manage to give you this great mood boost, and perhaps offer women trapped in such a situation, the courage to escape. 

Nomina is the ambassador for “United Nation World Peace Berlin”. She rose to fame a few years ago with the tracks “Don’t Cry Africa” and “Mamaland” which have garnered critical acclaim, and now she’s back. To make a difference.