It’s rare to find an artist that blends classical and opera styles with modern R&B, pop and dance elements, but that’s exactly what Austrian artist Misha Kovar does with “Die Konigin der Nacht”. Roughly, this would translate to the Queen of the night, and when you view the accompanying music video, you rapidly get a pretty clear cut picture of the song’s message. 

In the first part of the video, Kovar is dressed in a gorgeous, royal blue dress, which she then ditches for the latter half of the video, in favor of some loose slacks, and a dancing outfit. By doing this, the artist reminds us what we, as listeners, have already noticed. That she’s got an amazing talent for blending the classy with the street, the elegant with the casual. Both in clothing and, it would seem, in music. 

“Die Konigin der Nacht” is one of those songs you don’t need to know an ounce of German to comprehend. Because “Die Königin der Nacht” isn’t necessarily about the lyrics alone, but rather about the mood. The atmosphere it creates, which can easily be translated into any language. Of course, if you do know German, or have the patience to translate the song online, you’ll find a delectable, highly clever surprise waiting for you there, as well. 

But then, what else could you expect from a graduate from the prestigious Vienna Conservatory. In spite of her youth, Misha has also starred in numerous musicals all over the world, and proven her talent time and again for worldwide audiences. Trained in voice, acting and dance, Misha Kovar is an artist like no other, and she’s about to blow up on the international scene. 

Our advice? Get on the train early, so you can tell everyone you knew about this amazing talent, even before she was an international star!