Oftentimes, many artists and producers attempt to honor the greats that have come before them with their music. They include aspects of music that have established wide reaching legacies, trying to replicate the feeling you get when listening to these classics. Ultimately, many of these attempts result in bland copies that fail to bring that same genuine energy that allowed these past songs and artists to cement themselves as things that would certainly stick around. Fortunately, with Beat Author’s exciting new track entitled, “You Already”, this is definitely not the case. 

            Beat Author is a producer who has quickly emerged as someone to pay attention to in his short five years in the Rap industry. Taking influence from legendary rappers such as 2pac and Biggie along with notable producers such as Dr. Dre and Timbaland, Beat Author understands how to fuse contemporary and classic styles to create something fresh. His tracks are often backed by a distinct style that he has come to be known for. Whether it be the hard hitting kicks and 808s that you hear on his song “Straight to the Bag”, or the more somber flow that you hear on his tracks like “Breathe” (featuring independent artist Melanie Munoz), his versatility is frequently prevalent. 

            With his new track, Beat Author has elevated himself to another level. The song is upheld by the infectious beat coupled with the talents of artists Godz Child and Webb the Artist along with Hip Hop pioneer Snoop Dogg. The production is reminiscent of that of the west coast Hip Hop style that dominated the music scene in the late 90s and early 2000s. It is mellow and smooth, but backed by a hitting groove that keeps the energy high. 

            All three of the featured artists on the song bring their A-game, presenting unique flows that mesh well with one another and with the beat itself. As seen with other of his more recently released albums and singles, Snoop Dogg is someone who is able to continuously reinvent himself to offer new things to his fans and expand himself as a musician. His verse on “You Already” calls back to the rhythmic, head nodding vibe of his past works, while still working fantastically to fit in with the modern flair of the track. Snoop’s flow is unrelenting and adds a quickness to the track that gives it some great variety, ensuring that the listener never gets bored. 

            Even with Snoop Dogg’s prowess and exceptional work on the track, Webb the Artist and Godz Child are able to both hold their own on the song as well. With their own unique styles and qualities, they diversify the track and enhance its impact. This can especially be seen within the chorus and the opening bars of the song. 

            In the short three minutes of “You Already”, Beat Author and his collaborators are able to achieve so much. They captivate the listener with fantastic flows and melodies that stand out, creating a vibe that is new and exciting, but familiar. It is a high energy track that is sure to become the favorite of anyone who listens.