Making others happy through your efforts is something that is difficult but there are some people in the world who don’t feel any complication in making the hearts of others feel contented and blissful. Who are these human prodigies? They are none other than artists who bless not only their fans but all the people around the world with world-class music and songs, the major instance of which is “Eazy 8” who is coming all your way with lit raps and energy-filled songs all for you to appreciate just like his new classical debut song entitled “4:44 AM” that sets the standards up elevated in the sky. 

Who is this “Eazy 8” and what kind of music he is set forwarding? If that’s the question that is worrying you then don’t bother more as the name “Eazy 8” symbolizes music to live and die for literally. Starting at the young age of 14, “Eazy 8” represented his commencement in the music industry while show casing talent that was the substantial deal. As an exciting musical artist, the only word that can define him is his passion and unlimited enthusiasm which can you can sense in his work that he truly and thoroughly enjoys creating music just as his motto “Quality over Quantity” shining in a distinct sense of reality. 

Have you ever wondered what is the most important essence of music? it's nothing but the lyrics that embodies into the mind, soul and disposition of the audience around the world enabling them to perceive several sentiments which might be once unknown to them. Now, this is what we call talent in literal terms. The music of “Eazy 8” bears some definite traces of golden stars of the genre, such as Tupac Shakur, but also carries this exciting uniqueness to it. Like yes, it’s inspired by other musicians, as is the case with all art, but it’s also a deeply personal offering. 

In a world where we take music for granted, musicians and artists like “Eazy 8” stand tall with the motive of creating music that would heal and music that will remain engraved in our hearts forever. If you are a believer of the same fact than its time for you to start stanning “Eazy 8” whose songs are perfect for that playlist of yours the major instance being his debut single “4:44 AM”, which can be heard on Sound cloud.