After working on music for multiple years, Heremotionss is excited to release her new single “Running”. The single from the 22-year-old is a true statement of commitment to making a name in the music industry. 

Heremotionss grew up during the late 2000s, where she was exposed to a lot of music genres like emo, rock, pop and r&b. It was early on during her career when she started to express herself through music, and that’s how she started to create new music on her own. She is widely influenced by many of these genres, but at the same time she has her own vibe and ideas, while constantly being focused on new trends and ideas coming in the ever changing music industry. 

What makes “Running” an extraordinary song is the fact that it combines a variety of real-life events, while bringing in catchy melodies. 

She has a very distinct, creative process where she starts creating a variety of melodies in her head, and then uses her instrumental expertise to bring those tunes to life. 

According to her, this is a very raw, incredible process that she loves to go through. She is a very emotional songwriter and performer, something that you clearly see from her  work. That’s why it is  very easy to fall in love with her music, because they are relatable and always bring you a sense of excitement.