D.D. Oreyo is a one-of-a-kind artist, really. I know a lot of people wonder what that means exactly. What defines a singer as unique, in a world where so many so-called musicians sound exactly the same. Well, whatever it is, D.D. Oreyo’s got it. With a fascinating rhythm and highly contagious beats, he just puts out one good song after another, and gives no sign of stopping any time soon. 

His latest piece, a little ditty by the name of “Take You to The Cleaners”, is just what the doctor ordered to get you out of quarantine mood and back into your old, partying self. At its core, “Take You to The Cleaners” is an obvious club banger. It’s the perfect song to lose yourself too and move your body a little bit. It’s rap, but it’s exactly the kind of soulful rap that will appeal to a vast array of people, not just hardcore rap fans. Which is great news for D.D. Oreyo, as it means it will attract more listeners, which D.D. really deserves. 

He’s definitely one of the most interesting names on the rapping scene. An up-and-coming artist from Lexington, Kentucky, D.D. Oreyo (born Douglas Smith) has been all over this fair country of ours, and through it all, he’s collected a varied palate for music. 

Yes, he’s a rap artist, but as it becomes evident in “Take You to The Cleaners”, he’s got a deep understanding and appreciation of other genres, too. Which is what makes his own sound so unique. 

It’s that rare feeling that you’re listening to someone who truly gets music. It’s like his words or even the beat itself is less important, ‘cause whatever he’d do, you just know he’d nail it. That’s what keeps you listening over and again. 

“Take You to The Cleaners” is a great song for a party, but it’s also a track you’ll want to listen to the day after the party. You know, any song can sound good in the club at 4 AM. But only a handful manage to win you over in the daylight, and “Take You to The Cleaners” is one of those few.