The DJ, artist, and electric producer, JULIAN KNOXX drops his latest banger he titled "Line". It is an amazing anthem in which JULIAN combines different electrical musical elements that give you goosebumps when you're listening and take you out of the planet. 

The banger has proven JULIAN KNOXX skills and potentials as one who would lead the future electronic music scene. 

Presently, he has dropped one of the most effective and fulfilling tracks so far, the music "Line" reminds us of electric music legends and stars and their talented work in the world of electric music. 

One of these stars is the famous Martin Garrix. He’s JULIAN KNOXX's number one inspiration and mentor. Garrix inspired JULIAN KNOXX to venture into his career in music. 

In the track "Line," KNOXX used a combination of the future house and bass house and tech house repeatedly in the almost-4 minutes' track which gives an amazing feeling and takes you from your present consciousness to an "electric music dance dimension". 

JULIAN KNOXX had learned how to play the piano/keyboard and then worked with a band as the keyboardist and percussionist. 

He later developed an interest in electric dance music especially because of his mentor, Martin Garrix. After that, he started recording his own music and then worked as a DJ in clubs. 

His tracks bring flashbacks and memories of the best electronic music we had in the past and at the same time, it still has the essence and quality of today's electric dance music scene. 

KNOXX debut track "Never Let Me Go" was added to Spotify's Friday Cratediggers Playlist. 

The track, "Line," finds a halfway in the mainstream EDM and is a hardcore niche dubstep. 

The artist shows his ability, potential, and talent to record universal music that can capture the attention of fans of different electro genres. “Line” is a smooth synergy between Melodic Dubstep and Future Bass.