Music is diverse language of love and soul. It is real depiction of human emotions. The growing demand has formed numerous music categorizations and the modern one is hip hop which is invention of North American region. LaStat is one of experienced and versatile music writer belongs to Hartford Connecticut. In the testing times of pandemics LaStat has come up with fine collection of music. 

                “Hour Of Destiny” is one of the distinguished music given by LaStat. The album contains seven remarkable tracks. Each track has matchless tinge of composition. “Hour Of Destiny” in fact is a illustration of human emotions. The rap is mostly a cheerful face of music, however, the way LaStat maintains the balance in each of seven tracks. When we listen the track Blood Rushing, it doesn’t make you wait for the music; the lyrics are carried from the start of track and impressively maintained till the end. This is the demand of listener; time is an important factor for the audience.  Similarly Life Made Me is incorporated with the rhythms and rap is supported with modern touch of tunes. The jolly lyrics of G’s Up make you amazed within very brief span of time owing to its mesmerizing composition. 

                 The entire album of seven tracks is full investments of energies and dedications of LaStat. He is the asset of hip hop in the region. The twenty minutes span of time delivers refined music to the listeners.  That’s why LaStat has attracted big portion of hip hop fans to his side due to his far-reaching experience in music.