Everyone needs to lay back and relax for a while, and as we all know, in order to do that properly, you really need some proper tunes. In today’s digital world, where a new song is released every minute, many great tracks risk getting lost in the avalanche of mediocre music. What we’re trying to say is, it’s hard to find good music to chill out to. But thankfully for you, we went through the effort of scouring through all the music that’s been recently finding its way into the world and were able to find a song that we’re sure you guys we’ll like. 

We’re talking about the brand new release from New York City up-and-coming rappers Day G and Tick Tock Q. Their new song is called “Rolling High”, and as you might’ve guessed from the title itself, it’s a song about living the good life and having a good time. We can also see this in the music video that accompanies the track, which follows a group of people, among which the rappers themselves, as they party and drink and smoke and essentially have a fun time all around. 

As such, it’s the perfect song for having a bit of a party yourself. “Rolling High” creates a compelling and laid-back background beat for a party or any other type of social event, where you just want to spend some time with your friends and unwind after a long day. But “Rolling High” is more than that. It can also make for the perfect accompanying track when you go jogging or as you’re on your way to work. It can even be a song that you listen to before starting your day, just to get you in a positive mood. 

And why does it work? 

Because “Rolling High” has that unique sort of contagious catchiness that means it’ll practically get stuck in your head and get you in a good mood all through the day after listening to it. Which is why you should listen to it right now.