It stands to reason that in making a movie about a specific place in the world, you’d want to include some local sights, but also some of the local talent, in order to truly capture the spirit of the place. That is exactly what independent film director Marc Cayce does with his brand new movie, “Flint Tale”. Inspired by real events (the Flint Water Crisis), the movie tells the story of a disgraced chief of police and his family in the wake of the infamous scandal. The film is set in Flint, Michigan, of course, and features some local artists, like the singer Bootleg from the local Dayton Family. The soundtrack also features some other compelling artists. 

Intelligent Diva, for one, is by now well-known for her sensual and provocative singing and lyrics, which are never overtly explicit, yet always somehow manage to arouse the audience. Her hit track “Sexy Walk” appears on the movie’s soundtrack, and Intelligent Diva has recently signed with Cayce’s record label, Foremost Records. 

The soundtrack also sees the debuts of artists KellieKel with the powerful tune “Mama” and that of Orlando Peay, whose catchy song, “Couple of Days” is also featured in the film. Peay also has a small role as an Uber driver in “Flint Tale”, also marking his acting debut. 

Then, of course, we have the presence or artists like Big Ty Stick, whose tune “We All We Got” is at once easy to relate to and highly memorable. 

Each song is featured in a scene in the movie and seriously adds a new layer of reality to the film, skillfully highlighting the many emotions of “Flint Tale”, which is at times funny, but also brings home the very serious reminder of the pollution of water in Michigan. 

The versatility of the soundtrack also showcases the newly founded Foremost Records, which reunites under its umbrella an interesting cast of artists of different genres and very different styles, but all united by their undeniable talent and love for art.