It’s quite rare to find a young, up and coming artist who knows exactly what they want to do with their career. By that, we don’t mean wanting to make it big or all those other goals young artists set for themselves. We’re strictly talking about creation here. Because if there’s one thing that Australian artist Echolily knows how to do, it’s to create music. 

Her latest single, “Under the Clocks (Stay)” is a terribly beautiful and haunting piece that, true to the artist’s name, has a wonderful, resounding echo. In fact, the entire piece sounds like it was created solely inside this secret echo chamber. And it helps build a wonderful mood. There’s something slightly anxious and demanding about the whole tune, but also wonderfully melodic and laidback. It’s a song that encourages you to just kick back and relax, enjoy life and lose yourself to the music. 

The repeating beat takes on an almost hypnotizing quality, running in circles around you until you’re too stunned to move. And then, there’s Echolily’s subtle, powerful voice. Her singing is soft and sensual, making it seem like you’re among friends. Like she’s talking to you alone, inviting you to stay and wrap your arms around her. 

To put it simply, Echolily has a way of making you love her almost instantly. Of course, it helps that her song, “Under the Clocks (Stay)” immediately gets under your skin, creating a pleasant tingle. 

All in all, it’s a beautifully put together tune that can easily become obsessive, but in all the right ways. And what else could you expect from one so gifted as Echolily? Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, the young artist has a style that combines a wide array of genres, among which synth pop, electronica downtempo, but also something unmistakably old-school. Like a fine vinyl record playing in the background of your mind.