Picture this. You and your family on a long trip in a car with the best playlist of music. To imagine this one would think that a trip like this would be nothing but a sentimental endeavor bestowing you and your family with ever lasting memories that will remain forever etched into your mind and soul. But the question is who will endow you with such a trendy playlist? If that’s the question that you’re wondering then the problem is unraveled as we are bringing with us today the artist from the heaven named “Nomina” being the universal prodigy that is here to rock the world with her music that allures the one who listens. 

“Charismatic diva” is the other name for “Nomina” and why wouldn’t it be the case. With her trending chick songs instance being “Amadlozi” and “Fetish daddy”, the artist made her way to the hearts of listeners worldwide with phenomenal ranking around the world. “Amadlozi” held no.1 U.S Radio Urban charts while the music video for the songs aired on MTV and MTV Base that clearly illustrated the fact that she’s not here to play games. Nomina is not your average artist rather she is a trend setter who is compassionate, endearing, inspiring and empowering personality passing the confidence onto others through the capability of music. 

Buzzing the entire world with her charms, the diva is yet back again with her new single “I Still Stand” that is an upbeat song resonating with the lyrics of confidence and empowerment while engraved in the rhythmic melodies that are extraordinary to disposition. Relaying the passion onto other’s, in the song “I Still Stand” Nomina dives through the thought-provoking emotions of mind,  endowing listeners with sentiments that were once mysterious to them. 

The universal prodigy is coming your way with unlimited songs with astounding beats all for you to relish. The proficiency of flawlessly exploring vulnerability, humanity and empathy all through her musical convictions sets Nomina apart from all other artists of the music Industry. Believing in the “Quality outstands the periling sentiments of life”, the artist arriving your way is the literal manifestation of talent and competence at it’s peak.