“You Know What I Want” is the song that’s been blasting off our speakers for the past few days now, ever since we first heard OK! Ken, an individual who is rapidly becoming one of our favorite 2021 artists. 

“You Know What I Want” first hits you as a feel-good song, and it’s enough to just listen to it as such. It’s the ideal tune for a party, or for just chilling with your bros, so you can take it as you hear it, and enjoy the ride. However, we also think that “You Know What I Want” is more than that. It is a song that explores the depths of the artist behind it, a tune that explores the complexities of human character, as perceived by OK! Ken. 

It’s a song that lets you blow off some steam, but also prompts you to ask some questions, which is fascinating, we feel. It’s definitely why “You Know What I Want” is rapidly becoming a streaming platform success, and sending OK! Ken skyrocketing through the top of the music scene. 

OK! Ken is one of those insanely talented artists who craft beautiful, highly melodic music that you just won’t be able to forget for a long time to come. And what’s particularly interesting is, he’s coming at it from a medical background. Desperate for a more creative outlet to sustain him through the Covid-19 pandemic, OK! Ken, who worked as a Healthcare Executive at an important North Dakota hospital, turned to making music. And he found he was rather good at it. 

“You Know What I Want” explores the artist’s background, having grown up around the Texan music and club scenes, and draws on influences such as Drake, Migos, or the Black Eyed Peas, while also banking on something unique, and powerfully his own. 

Put simple, “You Know What I Want” is the song you gotta hear in 2021, because OK! Ken is definitely one of the most promising upcoming artists of the year.