Fantasy is what keeps the human soul alive and thriving even through times of hardship. It’s what allows us to picture things that could never truly happen, and what gives us the courage to follow through with our dreams and do something crazy. 

That’s the feeling Intelligent Diva’s latest hit single leaves me with. A deceptively simple tune, her brand new “Ice Cream” is a piece that tickles your imagination and kindles something fierce inside the audience. The name makes it sound like a perfect summery tune, and while it is light and catchy, it’s anything but. “Ice Cream” is a song to leave you hot and bothered, just right to jump in a cold pool of water and cool off your thoughts. It’s not your traditional cheery feel-good summer track, but rather a compelling dive into the artist’s own fantasies and potent imagination as she explores a fascinating and universal subject – that of crafting a fantasy about a complete stranger. And while some may say that that’s sad, we say it just lends a song an extra layer of depth. Because anyone can do you a song about how good it feels to be in a stabe relationship or how much they love bae, and on occasion, Intelligent Diva has done that as well. But writing an intriguing piece to capture the imagination about someone you know nothing about, now that’s infinitely more sexy. 

Using the sensual imagery of an ice cream (in various, rather imaginative ways), Intelligent Diva paints a night of steamy passion with this unknown stranger, this intriguing chocolate boy who wakes such fierce passion within her. Intelligent Diva has made a habit of creating honest and highly relatable music, that one can relate to at practically any age and any moment in life. Her unapologetic use of sex and particularly the female point of view in this area makes her music stand out and appeal to women as much as it does to men. 

Having won acclaim and thousands of listeners with her previous hits, like “Submit to You” and “Boy Shorts” (and more recently, “Lo Que Me Gusta”), Florida-native Intelligent Diva is back at it with another banger. While “Ice Cream” is still fresh out of the studio, we’re confident this little-known gem will rise in popularity in the coming weeks and bring Intelligent Diva the recognition she deserves. 

The song is also featured on her recently released EP, entitled rather appropriately “Seduction”.