Learning and following the paths of well renowned and established artist, rising star POPAPERC reveals a high-quality tune that creates a great combination and mixes like rap, hip-hop, as well as other genres in the induistry. 

The young star takes his cue from artists well known and established, artists like pop smoke, Jay Z, internet money, and many others. 

Jeff Turnage, aka POPAPERC, is a young, fresh, and talented artist who has currently been making waves in the music scene with his latest hit records in his album titled PLUGNSOCKET. 

His music vibes with his listeners, fans, and supporters. In other words, there's always little something for everyone on the album. 

Therefore, most of his songs drive closer to majorly the rap scene, giving his audience catchy and commercial-friendly motives. 

Presently, his album has been played on Jango Radio, which is an Internet radio station and has been climbing the charts on well-known streaming apps, like Spotify. 

Although, young and at appears to be in an early stage of his career in the industry, POPAPERC has collaborated with various other famous producers in the industry, including sound engineers such as Blasian Beats, Ethan Ramsden, WAVUltra, and Kinodal, which he had collaborated with in his latest album. 

On the album, he teamed up with another famous artist on the music scene, such as "Kept 100", OSHN, and AK on "THOU S" 

Moreover, POPAPERC has always been fully conscious of his in-depth love and passion for music, and therefore, shows the potential, skills, talent, and affection to do more in music. 

Even though things haven't been going well for the rising and promising artist, he still proves that he has what it takes. Funny enough, some time ago, his sound instrument was stolen, this was so depressing for him, but he didn't call this the end of his career, but a stepping stone to his success. 

He had proved to learn from that event and grow in his line of success and career, as well as other difficult experiences and worst scenarios, thereby, not allowing such events depress him to back down but to grow into something larger. 

Therefore, this was what he had in mind about his latest album he titled “PLUGNSOCKET”.  Presently, he is dedicating his time and self to making a better music release.