Born in New Jersey and now based in the big city in Brooklyn, Rocky Writer’s uniquely captivating music and culture-influenced sounds shine through in her music, and we absolutely adore her style for just this reason. Her unique combination of inspirations from her Trinidad and Tobago roots and a myriad of cultures globally have, without a doubt, contributed to the overall success of her work. These captivating instruments provide a unique depth to Rocky Writer’s music that helps the lyrics resonate more clearly with the audience, captivating every listener’s attention. 

Generally, Rocky Writer’s work can be classified as Hip Hop. However, the unique combination of inspirations demonstrates a unique versatility and skill that few others can master. This allows her music to shine, captivating every listener thanks both to the healing instruments’ inclusion (most often seen within meditation and emotional balance music), while the lyrics portray clear messages and meaning that drive her overarching theme of authenticity and social improvements. 

Indeed, as far as up-and-coming artists go, there’s no denying that Rocky Writer’s music is certainly among the most unique and inspirational. Some have even described her as similar to the globally renowned artist, Rihanna, but she prefers to consider herself more genuine and authentic. 

Nevertheless, it’s undeniable that Rocky Writer possesses an incomparable skill for music; t’s with this thought in mind that we absolutely can’t wait to see how her career progresses. Following the success of her latest single, Energy True, there’s no doubt that she’ll continue to rise to ever greater heights with her music.