The music industry is so immense that every other vocalist tries to touch the souls of fans. Among those brilliant individuals Dave LeDoux is one. He started playing the drums in his early youth and then moved to learning the magic of guitar. The major role was played by Eddie Van Halen, who was not only a good friend of Dave but also great mentor. 

            Dave has remained the part of great music bands till he laid the foundation of his own three member group. His recent work “Broken” has just reached in music industry. The way he maintained the tunes and strings of the track is wonderful. The toilsome task of performing guitar and vocals together is impeccably balanced by Dave LeDoux. On Spotify his “Broken” is touching the hearts of millions. Still there are many parts of Asia which are still awaiting “Broken” on internet markets. However, the struggle and daring are the qualities of Dave LeDoux. He took the audacious decision of shifting the skills from drums to guitar and then parting the ways from existing bands and making of his own.  

            Following the introduction of “Broken” the magic of Dave’s hands has taken new heights. It is encouraging to know that public is chanting positive vibes for him. With the perfect work and struggle Dave LeDoux is the name of brand rather than a solo vocalist. The major breakthrough would be his work is equally available around the international music industry. This will introduce a new boost and confidence to Dave’s work.