Music is a vibrational event that affects the brain and the body. As such, body and psychological responses can be induced that rely on innate arrangements, oversight, and accountability for coping with sounds. “Hit My Line” is easily one of the most momentous fragments of music by Australian singer and rapper Eduard Luli. Eduard guides life to a whole novel and thrilling world by feeling the intense music, which is both relaxing and intriguing. 

The new song "Hit My Line" is developed with different and an innovative musical idea, for Eduard Luli's core fans.  His development as an emerging creator and rapper has been very impressive over the past year with a series of hits Stressed feat Zpluto, Winning remix, and most demanding feat ProdByOh. This has a wide array of options to make hits with leading singer-songwriters and producers abroad and perform at his first sale show with Young Jeeky's associate. 

This generation's life does not move smoothly, as an artist, he intend to continue working with alternative musicians and lyricists with exploring his dilemmas. However, is often a gift in understating feelings as in every song and he can share stories about the existences and problems his generation faces. The latest work evokes a sensation of connection to the music, connecting the listener in a virtually fragile experience. 

Hit My Line " is a wonderful piece about uplifting the true sense of music and in my opinion, it explores precisely the notion of human association that is so necessary for great music. It brings you to another fancy world of affection, enriched with sensation and emotions, with the core of your tiny feelings of loss and pain. We suggest you hear the mesmerizing voice of this talent to feel the life intensely and check out “Hit My Line” currently.