The American hip hop music is world famous. Rap is another invention of this region. Distinguished rappers are the production of this fertile land. Top Authority is three member hip hop band from Flint Michigan. The trio is famous for presenting quality rap music around the world. The environment of Flint streets is well described in the performance. Three members band includes rappers Shotgun, Flex and DaLo. 

                Top Authority keeps good name in giving the prime rap music since early nineties. This is first hip hop group of Flint. The Dayton group has remained hand in hand with Top Authority; both the bands have similar priorities but diverse perceptions of rap. Their first world famous single 93 from their Something To Blaze To, which was also the debut album of Top Authority and it gave them new identity. However, more than two decade of experience in music offered them opportunity to present their new work “Never Know When”. The classic work of rap is evident in the project. The way of presentation of lyrical rap is the according to the demands of masses. Moreover, this is the major project following their last album Kush Music back in 2009. 

                The Top Authority trio has reflected the total investment of energies in “Never Know When”. Apart from four albums which have remained on the upper ratting, Top Authority has not lost the charm of presenting the best single tracks. Public awaits the recent release with extensive mood. The hopes are high that “Never Know When” will bring melody of the contemporary age.