Music has always had a way of acting as a form of therapy to young people, particularly those struggling with difficulty, and overcoming a harsh start in life. This is the case of one of the most fascinating up and coming music stars of the 21st century, Latoya Jane. 

Formerly known as Jane from Finch (a subtle reference to the Toronto neighborhood - Jane & Finch - that the artist is originally from), Latoya Jane comes out yet again with a fabulous new single. 

“Empty” is one of those instant classics that reaches out across the speakers, and makes itself known and appreciated in pretty much any crowd. One of the truly brilliant things about Latoya is that she reaches across several different genres, skillfully blending elements of each into one great big musical offering. And the amazing thing about that musical offering is that, blending a little bit of each, it manages to appeal to such a wide and diverse audience. Basically, it doesn’t matter what kind of music you normally listen to - you’re gonna love Latoya Jane’s brand new single, “Empty”. 

As we mentioned, music was always a form of therapy to Latoya, growing up as she did in a rough neighborhood, yet learning to overcome these circumstances (a feat she attributes to her affinity for music). 

Now, a matured and well-polished artist in her own right, Latoya Jane strives to do the same thing for other disadvantaged youths. “Empty” is that one song that everyone is drawn to, the sort of music you can put on in your headphones, as you’re walking to clear your head. It’s music that speaks directly to the soul, forming a deep and almost instant connection between the artist and the listener. 

“Empty” is the latest in a long string of hits for Latoya Jane, and we encourage you to listen to it ASAP.