Gekesha Johnson is a true definition of passion and resilience; a versatile singer who has stood the test of time in pursuit of her musical career. Gekesha was born on March 25th, 1983 in Birmingham, Alabama to a single mom. She's the second of four girls and the challenges she has had to deal with from a young age turned out to strengthen her resolve for a successful musical career. 

Gekesha recalls that from a young age she had always enjoyed isolating herself to write her own songs and form beats in her head. As far as she was concerned, she was not too young to start living out her dream, even though the environment and conditions under which she lived weren't so favorable. 

By age 11, she collaborated with her elder sister and cousin to sing for a producer, but it didn't amount to much and that was one of a series of rejections that were yet to unfold. When she turned 13, Gekesha again came up with an idea and formed a girl group with her older sister (and her best friend).  

With high hopes of success, she named the group Y&I, which means Young and Innocent but to her surprise, the group was disbanded for unavoidable reasons. And again she was back to devising a new means of showing the world her music is worth hearing, despite the rejections.  

Gekesha persevered and her firm belief in her talent led her to audition for the globally acclaimed X-factor and American Idol, but she didn't make it far on their stage. 

At last, Gekesha's career was looking like she had arrived at the point where the light at the end of her musical tunnel was finally shining. In 2015, she had just released a single that was garnering the attention that she had always wanted when the sad news of her mum's demise got to her hearing. That was a defining point for Gekesha and for a moment the thought of laying aside her music career was very overwhelming, considering how much of a positive influence her mum had on her. 

Before her mom passed on, her words to Gekesha was "Keep Going!" It took years of grieving for Gekesha to finally summon the courage to pursue her mum's last words to her. 

With her latest single "My Baby," Gekesha is shaking up the airwaves with sensational beats and Jamz, giving her growing fans the type of music they yearn for. She's an icon of perseverance, a lyrical genius, and a showstopper. 

There's no stopping her, as she continues to climb the ranks with her song releases, and she's a talent that's worth watching out for.