With a name like Red Devil Vortex, you instantly know to expect something dramatic when you choose this massive new band – and their music most certainly doesn’t disappoint. Indeed, with a powerful sound and bold, inspiring themes to stand up for your beliefs, no matter how chaotic life might get, it’s clear to see why so many people absolutely adore their sound – and this has led to their massive early success, overall. 

The band first released an EP back in 2018, entitled “Something Has to Die,” and this painted a pretty clear picture of the type of music it would be. This naturally led to a massive number of fans, with the single selling 1200+ copies in the first seven days alone for digital and physical alike; it also went on to peak at no 16 on the Heatseekers Chart, a staggering success for a newly launched band. 

From then, the band has continually reached for greater heights, and this was made possible with the addition of Luis Kalil to the band as a guitarist, who had performed alongside many big names. Though this would go on to delay the band’s future releases, it was undeniably a big step towards ever heightened success, and they eventually released their single Dark Secrets in February 2022, with massive success. 

It’s clear to see that this truly unique band has achieved massive acclaim overall, and we’re firm believers that they’ll continue to achieve great results. As such, we’ll be watching with great anticipation to see how they perform with their new partnership with Adair Daufembach, and we wish them all the best in the future.