Music has always been the language of soul since ages. The internal rift between body and soul remains together till death. The life of emerging Atlanta based musician Real J Israel is somewhat has been into this impasse. He dedicated himself both on religion and his passion (music) for long time. Finally, he decided that it is one soul and body, whatever we do with good will is the actual message of religion. 

            Real J Israel released his single “Damn Good Man” this year. It is the message of love wrapped in cover of melody. The voice which was used for preaching the divine is now carrying the melody of love. Real J is R&B genre artist and has won awards for Rhythm and Blue music but he is more than that, his tunes and lyrics can pierce through the emotions very easily. He cannot be locked within the boundaries of single genre. Choosing music for the love of human is undeniably a great dilemma, the way Real J Israel has come forth with heart winning lyrics and gave us “Damn Good Man” apart from his previous hits such as “F-T-S Remastered” and “You”.         

            The key singles released by Real J Israel this year and rightly the graph of Real J’s popularity are going up positively. With more than 25 thousands fan following on Spotify only, Real J Israel is earning decent name for his versatile music. The interesting thing is Real J expresses his tunes as his love for religion and human both because there are no separate connotations of love. It is universal language spoken around the world.