The American hip hop music is world famous. The rap is the most trending music nowadays. It happens to be fit in every other type of human emotion. Big Ty-Stick is one the famous rappers belong to South California. He is one the celebrated licensed grower of cannabis and marijuana in the region. Most of his music has the tilt towards racial discrimination. He has released few albums in the market since 2016 which contain very fine quality of music. 

                The most recent track introduced by him is worth listening. We All We Got track has very intense start. The words of Martin Luther King Jr. speaking about the belief in oneself in one of his speeches. The track has the piece of that speech at the very start and then punching words of Big Ty-Stick with his astonishing rap adds the zeal and passion into it. Same has the end of track at the words of the great whistle blower of United States. Moreover, the cinematography is another positive aspect of the track. The scene of some news from Barkley is incorporated in the video. The unrest is being shown in news in the videography of the track. That’s the most beating aspect of Big Ty-Stick. 

                The vocalist has created stir in the minds with daring video and his voice. The message delivered in the garb of rap is very fine. Big Ty-Stick has tried his best to enlighten the issues and problems of people in the track. This is the object public wants more likewise tacks from him in days to come.