Zara Desai is a lot of things. First and foremost, she is a skilled and accomplished dancer, who has traveled all over the United States, participating in competitions and events that showcased her bucketfuls of talent. Second of all, Zara is most recently a musician. Well, we say “most recently” on a professional level – in truth, she composed her first song, together with her dad (who is a professional music producer) at only 5 years old. But this year, she put out her debut album, “On Point”. At the risk of being repetitive, this astonishing musical offering is on point, achieving a lovely balance of dance and party sounds, but also conveying emotion, and all the thoughts that go through the young artist’s head right now. 

Lastly, Zara Desai is a young girl who, at only thirteen years old, is trying to break through on the music scene, but also juggle life, school, etc. And all this personal complexity definitely reflects in her art. For example, the track “Deep South” from her album talks about the immense amount of work she puts in (7 days a week, as she sings), both to strengthen her dancing career, and inspire other, younger dancers to follow their passion, but also in her musical career. She’s a very driven young artist and she lets you know it in her music. 

Yes, “On Point” is a very feel-good album that encourages you to dance your worries away, but it’s also deeply personal, letting you see into the artist’s private life, her mentality and struggles. 

“Planetary Wonder” is a more classical dance tune. With a powerful synth beat, it’s the perfect tune to hit the clubs and pump a night full of excitement. With such a strong, exciting song, it’s hard to believe the singer is only 13. 

Having recently been awarded the presitigious title of Youth Icon by the Mystic India Group, there’s no doubt that Desai’s career will soar in the coming years, bringing her critical acclaim, which she rightly deserves, thanks to her impressive skill set and mountain of ambition. Definitely an artist we’ll be keeping an eye on in the coming years, and we suggest you do the same.